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Pitch Fibre Pipe Repairs

Pitch fibre pipes were commonly installed for drainage systems in the 1960s and 1970s due to their low cost and easy installation. However, over time these pipes have been prone to structural problems. This is because they consist of wood cellulose and tar. Not like the more durable clay and plastic pipe of the modern day. Pitch fibre pipes often hide under extensions or concreate paving, causing them to degrade over time practically unnoticed. Plymouth Drain Services are happy to offer pitch fibre pipe repairs.

Avoid Costly Damage To Your Property

If you have a pitch fibre pipe system in your property, it’s important to be aware of the issues and to address them promptly to avoid costly damage to your property. At Plymouth Drain Services, we offer pitch fibre pipe repair solutions to address these common issues. Our experienced technicians can repair and restore your pitch fibre pipes to their original condition and ensure their optimal functionality and durability.

Pitch Fibre Pipe Relining

We offer a repair solution without the need for excavation, total pipe replacement or costly bills. Pipe relining is a minimally invasive way to repair your pitch fibre pipes. We reline the pipes internally using polyester and felt lining to cover any cracks or small holes. With a seamless, elastic tube we line intense pressure pipework that perhaps has many joints and corners to contend with.

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